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Air Liquide Healthcare: an approach based on value in healthcare

Increase in chronic diseases, aging population, pandemic risks, fragile funding: healthcare systems have to respond to growing needs, while guaranteeing their economic sustainability.

At Air Liquide Healthcare, we have a privileged position to help meet this double challenge and become a key innovative partner for the transformation of Healthcare. To support this ambition, our strategy is to deliver more value in healthcare, for patients, healthcare professionals and the system as a whole.

Only a patient-centric approach based on the principles of Value-Based Healthcare is likely to improve the outcomes experienced, at the best cost to society. This is how we can contribute to a more efficient and virtuous healthcare system for all.

Three key stakeholders involved in the value approach in healthcare

Transforming healthcare: better outcomes for a sustainable healthcare system

By listening to and understanding the needs of patients and healthcare professionals, we progressively shifted from supplying products or medical devices toward supplying a range of services. These days, we are convinced that an approach based on value is the only way to meet the current challenges of the healthcare system and ensure its sustainability. 

That's why, in 35 countries around the world, we are working  alongside all healthcare players to meet the major challenges they face. As a long-standing partner of healthcare teams and a healthcare player in patients' homes, Air Liquide Healthcare works closely with physicians and health authorities.

Both at the hospital and at home, in person or remotely, in times of calm or crisis, in large cities or in medical deserts, we work for the benefit of the patient by placing them at the heart of everything we do, with the ambition of being useful to the community.

That's how we are helping to change healthcare, with you. Our corporate signature "Changing care. With you." is the expression of this vision.

Our difference: the value in healthcare 

At Air Liquide Healthcare, we are convinced that the value approach is the only one capable of meeting the current challenges facing healthcare systems and ensuring their sustainability. Our patient-centered approach is at the heart of our action for more value in healthcare and aims to improve patient outcomes at the best cost to society, thus contributing to a more efficient and virtuous system.

Medical gases and associated services

Every day, we guarantee the availability, reliability and safety of medical gases supply and its associated services in hospitals and care facilities. In this way, we play an essential role by helping caregivers in their everyday work and enable them to fully devote themselves to patient care.


Home healthcare services

Every day, we provide personalized care for people living with chronic diseases, right in their homes. Our aim is to ease the adherence to therapy over the long term and to improve their quality of life.

Four major transformations in Healthcare

Patients are changing

Patients want to be involved in decisions that concern them, they want to understand the advantages and disadvantages of any given treatment, to receive therapeutic education, and to receive support to help them become more autonomous. They want to be able to interact easily with healthcare providers, to have access to their healthcare data, and to enjoy digital solutions that make their lives easier.

Beyond being actively involved in their treatment, they want to be seen as a human being. They are not defined by their disease; it is just one aspect of their identity.

The location of care and healthcare professionals’ practices are changing

Health crises are putting even greater pressure on healthcare systems and accelerating the emergence of novel approaches such as digital healthcare and out-of-hospital care. While hospitals are becoming high-added-value centers of expertise for acute care, we are stepping up our cooperation with them to ensure that home healthcare is more widely and more systematically chosen for certain conditions when appropriate.

Simultaneously, new places of care are being created: nursing homes, therapeutic apartments, etc. The care pathway is becoming increasingly complex, and coordination is necessary.

Data and digital technologies in healthcare are creating new opportunities

Sharing healthcare data enables us to customize care plans to provide the outcomes that are most important for patients. Beyond the use of data in the context of curative care, data analysis enables us to evaluate the risk of non-compliance and thereby provide customized support for specific patients on a preventive basis.. Interactions between patients and healthcare professionals are quicker and easier, which reliably improves patient outcomes.

Healthcare systems and payers’ role are changing

More and more people are arguing for a move toward value-based healthcare. Two ways to effect this change have been identified: the reduction of avoidable healthcare spending and the consolidation of medical/economic data on products and services throughout their life cycle.