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Always There: discover our ambition for medical gases

With a presence in over 20,000 hospitals and clinics across 28 countries worldwide, our mission is to consistently stand by our partners when they need us the most. Today, we want to take our commitment further: by being Always There, stepping up on supply, service and sustainability.

Air Liquide Healthcare: Stepping up on supply, service and sustainability in healthcare

The work that healthcare providers do is essential. They give a second breath to patients, allowing them to get back on their feet and feel like themselves again. That's why they need partners they can depend on, no matter what. 

At Air Liquide Healthcare, we are committed to providing healthcare professionals and facilities with a secure supply of medical gases and seamless in-house gas management, in efficient and sustainable ways.  

So caregivers can focus on their patients, knowing that we are there, and always will be, by their side.

We are Always there*,

so healthcare providers can be there too.

Guaranteeing supply for medical gases, no matter what

At Air Liquide Healthcare, we are committed to bringing you peace of mind, by making medical gases available in times of calm and crisis, and by strengthening supply chains.

We optimize our related services so that medical gases are consistently and adequately supplied where and when they are needed for saving lives.

Simplifying gas management and usage

At Air Liquide Healthcare, we combine the best of technology, expertise and highly committed teams to deliver complete medical gas management, so you can focus on what you do best – being there for your patients.

We simplify the work of caregivers by taking over the complete medical gases management in hospitals, relieving teams of the tasks associated with the continuity of critical gas supplies and the maintenance of infrastructures. Keeping in mind the objective of providing value in facilities, caregivers need to stay focused on advancing patient care.

Reaching carbon neutrality in healthcare activities

At Air Liquide Healthcare, we are committed to leading the way by investing in innovative solutions, with the ambition to reach carbon neutrality before 2050.

As an active pioneer, we help healthcare facilities address the need for a carbon-free future and transition to the most environment-friendly medical gases supply.

* This message  is for information purposes only and has no contractual value. Air Liquide makes no representations or warranties as to the quality, accuracy or completeness and EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY AND THE WARRANTY OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.