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Specialty ingredients

Published on September 26, 2023

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Through our subsidiary Seppic, we develop and make innovative ingredients with unique properties (excipients and active ingredients) for the cosmetics, pharmaceutical, nutrition and vaccine markets. This offering is the fruit of a research and innovation approach based on a wide range of scientific expertise and in-depth knowledge of health and beauty around the world.

Our vision to help everyone live well, and in good health in a healthy environment.

We meet and anticipate our customers’ needs by designing and producing cosmetic and dietary supplement products, pharmaceuticals and products of performance for industry.

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Science is at the heart of everything we do

over 8,000 customers worldwide

80 years of history

A committed and thoughtful innovation

Science is at the heart of everything we do. Seppic creates and tests ingredients to ensure their safety, performance and efficacy. These ingredients are used in products developed by Seppic's customers, and used every day by consumers, patients and professionals. Our scientists are advancing the science of ingredients, develop the technologies of tomorrow, and explore new paths in the fields of sugar chemistry, cold emulsion, marine biotechnologies, polymerization, lipoamino acid, vaccine adjuvant, plant extraction or film coating technologies.