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Medical gases and associated services

Published on September 22, 2023

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Provide caregivers with therapeutic and digital solutions so they can focus on their medical mission with patients.
As long-standing partner with care facilities, healthcare professionals and our expertise in medical gas management enable us to continue developing a wide range of products and services to help them in their mission with patients.

We provide:

  • Medical gases with pharmaceutical quality standard used daily in operating theatres, intensive care units and emergency rooms, either for respiratory diseases, anesthesia/analgesia or resuscitation
  • Services including continuous inventory monitoring
  • Safety programs
  • Healthcare professional's training
  • Installation and maintenance of gas distribution systems and related equipment
  • Laboratory gases medical equipment

Our mission is to consistently stand by our partners when they need us the most. Today, we want to take our commitment further: by being Always There, stepping up on supply, service and sustainability.

20,000 hospitals

and other places of care served

28 countries

New places of care

In addition to our contribution to take care of patients during acute episodes mainly in the hospital environment, we support the development of new places of care, especially for severe and complex conditions or elderly people.


Either for the healthcare or scientific community, Air Liquide Healthcare’s biobanking network offers to outsource or optimize the collection, storage, analysis and shipment of biological samples. All this with the highest standards of storage and services in terms of security, quality, reliability and traceability.

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