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Our approach of home healthcare

As a major player in home healthcare, Air Liquide Healthcare wants to work together with public decision-makers to solve the dual challenge of the increasing number of people living with chronic diseases and the economic sustainability of healthcare systems. We want to be a partner in the healthcare transformation and we are committed to bringing more value.

We are convinced that Value-based Healthcare is the best way forward. In that perspective, personalization of care is key to improve the quality of live of chronic patients at the best cost for the society.

This means a paradigm shift, with the choice of the most appropriate resources to meet the specific needs of each patient and thus deliver better health outcomes and quality of life for each person cared for, at a lower cost to the community.

Although home healthcare plays an essential role in the care pathway for people living with a chronic disease, its model is under threat:

  • from the continuing erosion of reimbursement rates,
  • the costs associated with a regulatory model that is not adapted to patients' individual needs,
  • the adoption of new technologies.

Our difference: the Value-based Healthcare approach

We are convinced that the value-based approach is the only one capable of meeting the current challenges facing healthcare systems and ensuring their sustainability. Our patient-centered approach is at the heart of our VBHC ambition and aims to improve patient outcomes at the best cost to society, thus contributing to a more efficient and virtuous system:

  • Patients at the center: At Air Liquide Healthcare, we see patients as people who should be at the heart of everything caregivers do. Putting the patient at the centre will allow us to focus on value and what really matters to them.
  • Patients are more than their illness: Even when patients are suffering from chronic conditions, they still want to get on with their lives as normally as possible. After all, patients are people with specific expectations.
Value-based Healthcare is defined as the outcomes that matter to patients, in relation to the costs to achieve these outcomes.
Value-based Healthcare is defined as the outcomes that matter to patients, in relation to the costs to achieve these outcomes.
The Value-based Healthcare approach implies moving away from a system based on the provision of standardized care to a model centered on the person and organized around his specific needs. At a societal level, this approach enables healthcare systems to achieve better results for patients at a contained cost by introducing performance-based payment models.

It makes a huge difference to me to know that the people delivering my follow-up understand my situation.

Margaret Watty,

living with a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease